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Sacraments of Initiation

Are you looking for first reconciliation for your son? Is your daughter in Grade two ready for Confirmation and First Eucharist?  Sacramental Preparation starts September 13 with an Informational meeting for all parents who have children that:

  • Are in Grade 2 and up

  • Children ready for Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist

Informational meeting      

Wednesday Sept 13 @ 7:00 pm Gerein Centre                                                                                                                               This is for all parents whose children are in             Grade 2, able to understand and ready(mature enough) to accept the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation & First Eucharist.         Registration forms can be found on our web site, below.

 Please contact Martin to verbally register so the correct amount of materials (and coffee) are ready at pastoral.assistant@holycrossregina.ca or 306 570-5315 and leave a message.

Reconciliation Schedule

  • Sept. 13 – Parent meeting for info Wed.

  • Sept. 24 – Enrollment at Mass for Reconciliation 9:30 am Sunday

  • Sept. 27 – Reconciliation Session 1  Wed.

  • Oct. 4 – Reconciliation Session 2 Wed.

  • Oct. 11 – Reconciliation Session 3 Wed.

  • Oct. 20 – Reconciliation Retreat Fri.

First Reconciliation Celebration will be with the community during Advent Reconciliation service, sometime in December. Watch for this date!

Download the registration forms here for:


Confirmation and First Eucharist


Holy Cross offers baptismal classes three times a year. Parents are required to take three classes of one and a half hours. Godparents are encouraged, if possible, to attend as well. Registration forms are available on our home page. For more information or if yu have questions contact Martin at partoral.assistant@holycrossregina.ca or 306 570-5315 and leave a message.

The first schedule of classes are listed below:

* Oct. 18-Baptism Session 1 Wed.

* Oct. 25-Baptism Session 2 Wed.

* Nov. 01-Baptism Session 3 Wed.

* Nov. 05 or Nov. 19 Baptism at Mass - 9:30 am Sun.

Download Registration Form Here