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Criminal Record Checks

Holy Cross Ministry Volunteers Criminal Record Check

Most volunteers do not need a criminal record check. However, it is required when:

* Those considered high security and handling confidential or financial matters require a basic record check, valid for five years, from the  Regina Police Service at a cost of $10. They are located at 1717 Olser Street. Record Check Office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

* Those who work with children, the elderly or handicapped, require a Letter of Request from the Archdiocese to take to the Regina Police Service for an additional data base search and finger printing. The cost for this is still $10.

* Signed copies of this letter of Request are available from the office. If so desired, volunteers may receive reimbursement for their criminal record check by providing a receipt to Holy Cross.

If you have any further questions about the Volunteer Protocol required by the Archdiocese, please give Joyce a call at 306-789-1983 or Wanda at 306-525-69934.

Thank you.

Rebuilding Our Church Capital Campaign

Your leadership is critical to the success of the Rebuilding Our Church Capital Campaign.

Please consider volunteering to help this campaign succeed. For those who have already stepped forward - Thank You!

Volunteers are required to visit approximately 15 individuals/couples to ensure that they know about the importance of the campaign, that their questions are answered, and that they are invited to support it.

Other volunteers will be needed to coordinate and report on the information coming back from the visits. See the volunteer role descriptions for your consideration.

While the campaign may seem to be primarily about bricks and mortar, the hope is that the personal visits will increase parishioner engagement.

Whether or not you are able to serve as a volunteer visitor, we ask for your enthusiastic support for the project when it becomes public this spring.

See the campaign update letter here for more details.

Campaign Goal = $17 Million